7 Steps to Powerful Cyber Security

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Don’t let your firm become a victim of nightmarish hacking.

Learn the first 7 steps you can take today —even if you are not IT literate— to make your cyber security impenetrable by malicious hackers.

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Cyber Security Services

Helping you keep your firm’s information private and secure by uncovering the vulnerabilities in your computers and network infrastructure, before ill-intentioned hackers discover them.

security assessment

Security Assessment

We can uncover the weaknesses in your business infrastructure before they get attacked. 

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vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

We are equipped to assess your servers, systems, networks and applications with advanced scanners that probe for very specific weaknesses.

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source code reviews

Source Code Review

We carefully review your software and identify security vulnerabilities as well as violations of best practices, security design issues, and much more.

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penetration testing

Penetration Testing

We identify vulnerabilities before they result in security breaches and service interruptions. We uncover weaknesses such as operating system, network, applications, improper configurations and even risky end-user behavior.

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social engineering cyber security

Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering Service is designed to mitigate costly cyber attacks.  We identify issues in the behavior of your employees before they result in security breaches.

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audit and compliance cyber security

Audit & Compliance

Failure to meet with the latest security compliance requirements may have a negative impact in the image your firm projects to your prospects & clients, costing you dearly in opportunities forgone.

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incident response cyber security

Incident Response

If you have been a victim to a cyber attack already, we can help you map out a response that will help you mitigate the damages and move forward with confidence in the future of your firm. 

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risk assessment cyber security

Risk Assessment

With our Risk Assessment you will be equiped with the right information to make smart decisions regarding your security investments.

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security training cyber security

Security Training

Many of our clients are surprised to know the biggest weakness of their systems —of any security system— is their employees. They are often the targets of ploys to get malicious code in through their accounts.

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security architecture cyber security

Security Architecture

We provide you with the right security architecture that fosters your firm’s competitive edge and opportunities for further expansion. 

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cyber security specialist

Peace of Mind

If you have been worried or even scared about getting hacked, getting your firm’s and your clients’ most sensitive information exposed to ill-intentioned eyes, then it is time to end that stress, and get the peace of mind you need and deserve now.

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we can help you now

Timely Service

We’re ready to provide you with a Cyber Security Risk Assessement that uncovers the vulnerabilities in your firm’s computers and networks now, before the bad guys expose and exploit them for ill gains.

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